New Fables Collective

New Fables Collective

New Fables Collective

New Fables is a collective of dreamers, deep thinkers and change makers, working across a wide range of industries, sectors and disciplines.

Over the next two years, we will come together to host a reflective, restorative and regenerative space to explore our collective experiences, energies and intuition as racially-minoritised people. Through this, we hope to channel our experiences to envision new ways of being that can be passed onto future generations.

We orientate towards three objectives:

Collective being

Holding space for care, being critical friends and feeding into our collective wisdom, experience and perspectives, deepening connections, building trust and togetherness.

Collective sense-making

Exploring what we see, think and feel, and reflecting on our practice, learning and strengths we embody. Surfacing synergies together and delving into questions.

Collective envisioning

Co-creating ideas, exploring ways of being and envisioning futures together. Driven by our hopes, immersed in our shared energy, and led by our intuition.

We look forward to sharing our stories with you on our blog, The Fireplace.

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Our Storytellers

Storytellers database

Our blog - The Fireplace

Writing database

New Fables at Frank Gathering 2022
June 23, 2022
New Fables at Frank Gathering 2022
Listen to our talk at Frank Gathering 2022, where we encourage listeners to look beyond perceived deficits in communities, to allow stories of strength to emerge.
Our book recommendations from 2021
December 4, 2021
Our book recommendations from 2021
A selection of our favourite reads from the last year
Our emerging themes
September 9, 2021
Our emerging themes
In Autumn 2020, we set up a series of discursive sessions to explore what we felt we needed from our new space and what excited us by coming together. Below are some of the themes that emerged from those conversations.
What new forms of colonisation are we seeing in our industries?
September 9, 2021
What new forms of colonisation are we seeing in our industries?
Notes, themes and links following our collective sense-making session, exploring the question of new forms of colonisation we are seeing in our industries
Our terms of reference
September 9, 2021
Our terms of reference
An overview of our aims, objectives, and terms of engagement


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