Our terms of reference

Our terms of reference

We are a collective of dreamers, deep thinkers and change makers, coming together over the course of two years to share stories, navigate and make sense of our collective experiences to envision ways of being to pass on into the future.

We host a regenerative and restorative space with the conditions in place for shared learning, reflective practice and collective imagination, supporting members to orientate towards ways of being where members thrive and succeed and in their missions to drive social change.

Image: Riley Sporle via Unsplash
Image: Riley Sporle via Unsplash

Our objectives

Collective being

Holding space for care, being critical friends and feeding into our collective wisdom, experience and perspectives, deepening connections, building trust and togetherness.

Collective sense-making

Exploring what we see, think and feel, reflecting on our practice, learning and the strengths we embody. Surfacing synergies together and delving into questions.

Collective envisioning

Co-creating ideas, exploring ways of being and envisioning futures together. Driven by our hopes, immersed in our shared energy, and led by our intuition.

Our outcomes

  • Members are enriched and rejuvenated by the time and space together, the invaluable connections, the wisdom and perspectives from the group.
  • Members reach more nuanced, deeper understanding through collective insight and reflection on the challenges and opportunities experienced through time.
  • Members are inspired and activated by the new relationships and connections, the emerging reflections, visions and provocations for change, new ideas and opportunities for action.

Membership, term and rhythms

New Fables includes up to 16 members identifying themselves as people of colour, consisting of:

  • A larger cohort of members identifying as change makers spanning a range of disciplines, industries, sectors, career levels and roles.
  • A smaller coordinating team, responsible for planning meetings, overseeing the website, creating and sharing outputs, and managing the membership.

Members are invited to join our monthly, informal online meetings to connect, share stories and explore themes and topics. Members are also connected in pairs to take part in monthly randomised one-to-one meetings as a platform to build relationships across the group. Finally, we meet in person three times a year for collective sense-making or envisioning sessions, along with catching up over drinks and food.

Minimum membership term is two years, with a maximum of three years. At the end of the term, members can put themselves forward to join the coordinating group or the alumni. These members are also invited to nominate up to three individuals to join the next cohort at the end of their term. Future cohorts will be decided by the coordinating members.

New Fables was co founded in 2020 by Farrah Nazir, Shomari Lewis-Wilson and Salma Begum. To find out more, read our about us page on our website outlining why we are called New Fables and why we are doing this now. Visit our blog The Fireplace to read the outputs from our meetings, and follow us on twitter for regular updates.


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