Salma Begum

Salma Begum

Salma Begum

(Sal-ma Bay-gum)


Salma works in publishing as an Editor at Manilla Press working across literary fiction and narrative non-fiction. Salma is an original member of the team behind The Good Literary Agency, a social enterprise, focused on launching the careers of under-represented writers in mainstream publishing.

Before working in books, Salma worked in the Live Programmes team at Wellcome Collection and interned at Twinkle Space Mission. She loves eating and cooking. In her spare time, Salma practises calligraphy, plays ping-pong, and is teaching herself how to play the ukulele.

Salma has a Bsc in History in Philosophy of Science from UCL and has completed postgraduate modules on diversity in the arts at UCL’s Institute of Education.

Salma’s pronouns are she/her.

Twitter: @Salmabe9