Zara Bartels

Zara Bartels

Zara Bartels

(Zah-Rah Bah-Tellz)


Zara started her career by making her childhood dreams come true - being a successful artist. She spent 10 years as the Dance Captain for The Lion King in the West End, it's what brought her to London from New York. Zara was raised in Trinidad and Tobago with her older sister, by their Ghanian father and Trini mother, raised to always ask the questions, get all the information to make an informed decision so you'll have no regrets.

Once Zara decided to retire from the stage, she went into operations and building startups in music and health tech, and continues her operator skills as the senior business improvement manager at Bates Wells, the leading Charity and Social Enterprise law firm in the UK.

Zara is an operator is as many ways possible and leads the change for improving representation and ensuring a welcoming and supportive environment at Bates Wells for Black colleagues, current and future.

Her pronouns are she/her.

Twitter: @ZeeBartels