Shomari Lewis-Wilson

Shomari Lewis-Wilson

Shomari Lewis-Wilson



Shomari has a background in Clinical Neurology and was a Funding Manager for the Neuroscience & Mental Health team at Wellcome. He is now turning his attention to the area of systems change as the Senior Manager of Wellcome's Research Culture and Communities team. He has interests in strategic planning, design and is passionate about seeing Black people everywhere reach their full potential.

A self-proclaimed child of the ‘Afrofuture’, Shomari is interested in any discussions that reimagine what is possible and supports others to do the same. He project-managed Wellcome’s first Black Futures Month programme in October 2019 and also enjoys writing blog pieces for Wellcome’s staff intranet.

Shomari was the former Vice Chair for the Wellcome Race Equity Network (WREN) and is one of the Co-Founders of the New Fables Collective.

His pronouns are he/him.

Twitter: @ShomariLW